How to Embed your Substack Feed on any Website

September 10, 2023
Whether you have a commercial or independent newsletter, many Substack writers require a custom site. This can be due to your newsletter only being a small part of your brand or your Substack landing page just not quite cutting the mustard.
In many cases when creating your custom site or landing page you’re gonna want to give users a quick taste of your latest or most popular substack posts. Currently, Substack doesn’t offer an out of the box solution but that’s where I come in.
I’ve created Substack Posts Embed, a tool that gives you the ability to embed your latest, most popular or most discussed articles anywhere on the inter-webs. (incl. Wordpress, Squarespace, Carrd, Framer, Wix …)
notion image

Let’s show you how it’s done…

  1. Navigate to
  1. Enter your Substack domain
    1. notion image
  1. Select the types and number of posts you’d like displayed
    1. notion image
  1. Keep the default theme or create your own by selecting “Custom theme”. Decide the alignment of the posts and which if any of the elements you’d like to hide.
    1. notion image
  1. Copy and paste the code from the code container into your site where you would like the custom feed to display.
    1. 👉
      Note: I strongly recommend pasting both script tags (<script>...</script>) just before the closing body tag(</body>).
      notion image
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