Welcome to the SubstackAPI documentation!
SubstackAPI helps newsletter owners grow their newsletters by providing tools that extend Substack’s current functionality.
G'day my name's Gideon, thanks for checking out! I created this site as a place to share tools I've developed in hopes that others may find them useful.

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📖 Growth Tool Guides

How to Embed your Substack Feed on any Website
How to Embed Substack Signup Form in any Website

📰 Substack Guides

How to change your Substack URL 2023
How to set up a Substack custom domain 2023


How do I request tools or features?

I've got a load of tools and features I'm creating so there's a lot of work to do. If there's a tool or feature you'd like me to prioritize, I'd love to hear from you!
There are several ways you can request a tool or feature:

👨‍💻 Get in touch

Tweet me at @0xGideon. Or email me at [email protected] 🤙
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